I recently interviewed Maria Maginnis from InNOLA Events & Design, where I asked some FAQS about Wedding Planning, learned more about her Wedding Planning Process, and her 3 Top Weddings tips. Interested in what The Knot Best of Weddings Planner had to say? Keep on reading.

01. Introduce yourself, name of the business you’re representing, and how long you have been doing it

Hi! I’m Maria, and I have been in the event business for 12 years.  I started my event business 6 years ago and it has been a dream come true!  I am the owner and principal planner of InNOLA Events & Design based in New Orleans.  My company specializes in Event Design, Production and Planning events.  

02. Take us through your Wedding Planning Process

The process starts with a consultation with the client. 

It is key to find out what the client wants, needs and what they cannot live without.  We follow up with a detailed questionnaire or form that asks specific questions, for example: What is your budget? 

Once all the information is gathered we schedule a meeting or a call to determine if they need Full Planning, Design Services or Event Management.  Based on this information we send the client a portal.   

This is where they can access all their information for their wedding.  It includes budgeting, design, timelines, guest lists, calendars, vendor information and checklist.  We will then build on the planning and design process based on their needs.  This is all customized.  It is detailed from the beginning of the planning process all the way to the wedding day. 

03. Wedding Tips you always recommend to your clients

  • Hire a videographer to capture your special day.
  • Incorporate “green thinking” into your event ~ small changes make an impact. 🙂
  • Build plenty of time on the front end of the wedding day so it is relaxing.

Questions from Brides in my FB Group ZDP | WEDDINGS answered by Maria:

Q. Because we’re planning a wedding so far in advance – 3 years, I find it difficult to find venues who will allow us to book that far in advance. Do you have any tips on that?

 A. I personally do not book clients that far in advance because there are too many changes that can happen in that time frame.

Q. We’re trying to plan a small wedding – so small that we don’t meet a lot of the minimum guest counts for venues that we like. Do you have suggestions as to what to do in that instance?  

A. I would go back and ask again if you have not asked since Covid-19.  They may be more willing to host a micro wedding due to the circumstances.  Good luck!!

Q. We may be considering a destination wedding. Can we talk about whether it’s worth it to hire vendors in the area you live versus hiring them in the area you’re getting married?

A. I think it is worth hiring the vendors that you trust and love even if they live in Calf. and the wedding is in New Orleans, hire them.  For example:  You may have a stylist or a photographer you have worked with for years or wanted to work with and you cannot imagine your special day without them.  This happens all the time.

If you don’t know who to book for your wedding your planner will help you build your vendor team with the best in the area!! (If you ever need a wedding planner in New Orleans or anywhere in the world please call me ~ I would be thrilled and honored to help you plan your special day!!! I love to travel and I love weddings!! Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy the process!!!) 🙂

Thank you so much Maria for answering these questions! If you’re currently in the wedding planning process (or even the very beginning) feel free to enter my FB Group ZDP | WEDDINGS. A group created for former, current, and prospective brides to ask questions and share their experiences ♡

xx, Z

You can find Maria’s work and contact her here:

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