Meet Zina D.


I’m Zina, an International Wedding & Lifestyle photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

My goal is not to create something for you, it’s to create a moment in time with you. To capture and incapsulate all of your passionate, blissful, spontaneous and romantic moments. 

Often enough, my clients tell me that the moments I capture of them hold a heavy weight of nostalgia – as if they are actually living in the moment and the movement captured by my single shutter. 

Why do I do this? Simply put, I love.. love. Driven by my passion of capturing it in its most purest, most authentic form, because at the end of the day this isn’t about the photo. Its about an experience – an experience I would be nothing more than honored to be a part of with you. 

Tell me about what drives you out of bed in the morning, or what about your partner makes your heart skip a beat (or drives you mad) — I wanna hear it A L L.

Let’s create something beautiful. 

xx, Z

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